Qorel Brand Identity 

A brand launch and identity for a hypothetical merger between Corel and Quark studios to form Qorel. 

"Affordable software empowering creative professionals everywhere. Qorel empowers creative professionals everywhere in the world. Our full suite of products, including Qorel Draw, Qorel XPress, PaintShop Pro, VideoStudio, WinDVD, WordPerfect Office and WinZip, provides the power to writers, designers, filmmakers and other artists to create. Our integrated approach to digital software ensures that our products and services are exciting and affordable."

Portrait photography done by Tasha Antonellis

Design tools:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Powerpoint 

Design Process

During the logo design process many concepts were created based off of the brand attributes and vision. The final logo was carefully considered and chosen after many iterations and a brand landscape. The challenge was that Qorel had to be visually appropriate for the software market, but also stand out from the visual identities of competitors. 

It was essential to find a secondary colour palette containing every colour that complimented and matched well with the tone of the primary orange. Through testing different schemes  it was able to be determined that colours with warm undertones were the best fit.

In order to keep the brand image consistent and establish structure to the brand's visual presence, typefaces were chosen for Qorel to use for media and publications. A serif was chosen for body text in print publications, and sans-serif for digital applications and elements such as headlines.

The concept for the brand imagery is demonstrating every one’s empowerment as creators. Images feature portrait shots of people of all ages and backgrounds with their faces painted in brand colours smiling and feeling powerful.

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