Thesis: (in)visibility

As a person living with chronic invisible illness and disability, I decided to create a thesis focusing on raising awareness regarding invisible illness & disability in order to reform the definition and image of the disabled body. 

My work aims to educate people about some of the symptoms of invisible illness & disability [in(visibility): a book] and educate people about ableism [are you ableist?: an educational card game] to help minimize the everyday fight we experience with ableism from the general public.

Design tools:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects 

Adobe InDesign 


An entirely handmade and hand-bound interactive experience. The book features Hardcover-concealed spiral binding, holding 9 pages of analog animation. The covers and pages of this book were hand cut, glued, and pressed. The book describes and visualizes symptoms of invisible illness and disabilities.

Animations from the book in action

The black, gloss ink print on the cover reveals when the book is handled in a lit area

Detail shots of the finished book. The title is printed in gloss black ink and reveals itself when picked up and inspected by the viewer, further enticing the theme of revealing the invisible.

A virtual flip-through of the book

Video showcasing some of the animations


The cards and packaged box

The full set of cards

The posters in action

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